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Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss

The Faith Spectrum 

Grief can shake our faith to its core. Regardless of where you are in your faith journey or how grief may be affecting you, know that the All Mother’s Grief resources and the Innergy Model were designed to guide you—even if your faith is unknown, non-existent, or wavering. These resources offer comfort and support wherever you find yourself.

The Innergy Model was created with the understanding that different stages of knowing God present different challenges and require different practices. It simplifies the process of determining which practices may be helpful to start with, depending on where you are in your faith journey. Know that, wherever you may be in your faith, the tools of Illumination, Repositioning, Strength, and Encouragement are available to guide you.

Types of Faith During The Great Loss


Wherever you are in your journey, knowing where to begin with the recommended prayer of Illumination, Reposition, Strengthen, or Encouragement will help guide you along your path. The Innergy Prayer Practice aids you in determining where you may need the most support now while also providing a foundation to return to whenever you need it to help you move forward. 

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The Innergy Model

The Innergy Model was created because Grief is not linear. A thoughtful and helpful tool, the model explains how to transform Grief and integrate the duality of Grief and Joy through guided tools provided in The All Mothers resources with the four fundamental principles of Illumination, Repositioning, Strengthening, and Encouragement. 


Guided Prayer Meditations

Join Kim as she guides you through some of the prayer cards from The All Mothers Grief Deck. These 3- to 5-minute audio prayers are perfect for listening to on the go or while sitting or lying down. Incorporate them into your morning/evening routine or use them in unexpected moments when you need extra support.

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