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Kim Molzahn 

Kim founded Innergy Revival and developed the Innergy Model. Drawing on her education as a trauma-informed massage therapist and personal trainer, alongside her own life experiences and profound losses, Kim understands deeply that a restoration journey encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. Following the loss of her son Ryan and her own navigation of the grief path, Kim established Innergy Revival to provide compassionate support for mothers who grieve. Kim is a licensed Health & Wellness Coach (Dr. Sears Wellness Institute) as well as a Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer. She holds additional certifications in Eden Energy Medicine, Access Consciousness Bars, The Myokinesthetic System, Performance Enhancement Training and Precision Nutrition. 

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My All Mothers Journey 
You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are

After the death of my son Ryan, my motherhood grief journey began. The unpredictable emotions that demanded a stronghold in my life ruled my hours and days. The grief was relentless and reared up everywhere. It would strike with no warning and no grace. The infiltration of grief had no boundaries with time, place, or reason. Over time,

I realized the correlation between my emotions and what triggered them. When I could capture a feeling and identify the correlation between that emotion and the trigger, I began to transform through prayer and perspective change, leading to a more peaceful state. As I became more efficient at recognizing my grief states, the time I stayed in my grief state lessened. More patience and grace infused my walk, not only for myself but also for others. I began to recognize that peace and grief could exist side by side.

I knew from past losses that constantly staying in a grief state was dangerous. The longer you stay in a grief state, the longer you are consumed by emotions, and they become drivers of your state. Emotions are not destructive. They guide us to healing and restoration if we use them. The danger gains power when we stow them away or approach them with shame instead of curiosity.

What I found in my faith grief journey was that there were no resources written that truly addressed this duality from someone who had lost a child. I yearned for a genuine, soul-filled space made of mothers who knew the road of resiliency of living without a child. I wanted a guide that offered earned wisdom to apply to my journey. My aching heart needed acceptance and love for my daily being, whether I was full of grief or full of celebration and gratitude—or both. I knew I would never be the same person; however, the person I am becoming comes from how I grieve. I created the All Mothers Prayer Deck and the community of the All Mothers Encouragement Network (A.M.E.N.) to be a faith-infused resource for grieving mothers so that they may rediscover peace, experience joy, and the true power that resides within them.

It is my greatest hope that as you work through this prayer deck, you will master your own duality, intertwining grief and peace and understanding that they can coexist.

With Hope & Love,

Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss

Kim Molzahn

Founder of Innergy Revival

& The All Mothers Grief Deck

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The Innergy Model

The Innergy Model was created because Grief is not linear. A thoughtful and helpful tool, the model explains how to transform Grief and integrate the duality of Grief and Joy through guided tools provided in The All Mothers resources with the four fundamental principles of Illumination, Repositioning, Strengthening, and Encouragement. 

All Mothers Grief Deck 

The All Mothers Grief Deck is a thoughtful prayer support resource that provides hope and a guided path through the pain and sorrow of child loss. Even though we grieve differently, the prayer deck is a guide that speaks to each grieving mother's heart. Available for delivery by 

Mother's Day. 

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