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Dedicate My Deck

By dedicating this deck, you are moving forward on a faith-driven journey. You are courageously taking a step along your journey. This dedication can be a compassionate reminder of your devotion to honor yourself

and your child. 

This day I dedicate my deck to: 

Thank you for dedicating your deck. May you be illuminated, may you be repositioned, may you

be strengthened and may you be encouraged. 

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Send A Digital Prayer Card

To Others 

Share a free prayer from the All Mother’s Grief Deck with anyone who is walking the path of child loss. This resource could help them on their own mother loss journey. The divine works through others at times to reach those in need.

Holding Hands

Share Your  Journey

With Us

We encourage mothers who have started working with the Innergy Model, our Grief Deck, or the first available prayer to share their stories. By sharing your own story, you can help support other mothers in their journey. Please share when you are comfortable and ready to do so.

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