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The Innergy Model

Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss

A New Path For Grief

Grief, especially a mother's grief, is not linear. 

The Innergy Model exists because grief is not linear. By learning the model, you will discover how to coexist with grief and joy. It also captures the various moments that can keep us stuck in specific places on our path. There is never a direct path with grief or with healing. Grief weaves, deflects, and ping-pongs. Although grief can be transformed, it will coexist with joy through your love for your child. It is comforting to know that when you look at this grief model, it is a lifelong tool and practice for you—one that you can apply and return to whenever you need it.

The Innergy Model, a practical guide to transforming grief, serves as your compass. It offers thoughtful and guided tools in The All Mothers resources that you can apply daily. The model is built on four fundamental principles: illumination, repositioning, strengthening, and encouragement. It's not just about transforming grief; it's about guiding you to distinguish the voice of God from the other voice, a voice of deception. This model is your guide, helping you navigate the traps that keep you in grief and offering ongoing support throughout your life.

The Great Loss begins an infinite loop, a lifelong path that ebbs and flows through grief and joy. This loop presents two distinct paths: The Restoring Journey, which focuses on working through our triggers, emotions, and grief, and The Expanding Journey, which is about embracing joy through gratitude and celebration. Both roads initiate a deep process of self-cultivation as you navigate the infinite loop.

Becoming confined to a specific stage of your journey is possible, especially by reliving The Great Loss. Being stuck hinders your path towards The Mourning stage and beyond, to The Armistice and The Eventuality.

The Dangers of Stagnation

​Getting stuck in any state, particularly The Great Loss or The Mourning, can lead to a buildup of destructive thinking. This adverse perception can negatively impact your mind, body, and spirit and inhibit you from moving forward on your Journey. You may find yourself here but do not have to remain trapped. By leaning on your Innergy Practice, you can begin to move through the Journey. As you navigate the path before you, the practice can shield you and impact how you move forward, discovering your own inner warrior and a supportive outer community.   

The Innergy Model_By Kim Molzahn
All Mothers Grief Deck Pattern_edited.jpg

"As you walk your journey, may you be filled with grace and love. And always remember that within you lies profound depth and resilience."
- Kim Molzahn

Access The Cultivator Pathway

Through Innergy Prayer Practice 

Integrating an Innergy Prayer Practice into your daily or weekly routine can ease the transitions between grief and joy, restoration and expansion. By reaching out to God for illumination, repositioning, strength, and encouragement, you'll find yourself moving forward.

Practice The Innergy Model In Depth With

The All Mothers
Grief Deck

The All Mothers Grief Deck is a faith-infused prayer resource created by a mother who has walked the path of loss. It contains 62 powerful reflections to offer comfort and encouragement to mothers on their grief journey. 

All Mothers Grief Deck Pattern_edited.jpg
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