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Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss

Mothers Of The Bible

You are part of a long line of mothers who have lost, but who have also been resilient. There is a collective strength through women that have gone before us and women that will come after us, and although we each have our own unique story, there is a kindred path. That path can provide you with Illumination for things you do not see, ways in which you can Reposition your thinking, Strength when you need to withstand the battles, and Encouragement to keep taking the steps forward. Each provides hope for wherever you are. 


Throughout the scriptures of the Bible, there are narratives of mothers who have lost a child. Through each of their journey’s they can provide us hope and to know that through faith and your shared loss You are not alone.     

Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss


Mother Of: 

Jesus, James, Joseph, Judas, Simon, and at least two daughters who are unnamed.  


Where She Is Found In The Bible: 

Matthew, Luke, John, Mark, Acts, and Galatians. 

Her Main Innergy Association:

Master Innergy (All Four Elements of the Innergy Prayer Practice)

Illumination, Repositioning, Strengthening, Encouragement

Her Main Innergy Association:

Mary's mother's journey started as being chosen as the mother of Jesus. After Jesus' birth, Mary began to get a glimpse of the sorrow that would one day fill her heart. Yet, Mary cared for and honored Jesus through how she attended to him and continued to live through her baptism as a declaration of her faith.     

Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss


How She Can Inspire You:

Consider her path of child loss and how she not only was restored but expanded by choosing to celebrate and  share the message of her son.  What needs to be illuminated, repositioned, strengthened and encouraged

within you / your life right now? 

Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss
Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss
Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss

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No mother should grieve alone. Innergy offers a warm embrace and a circle of support, with free and paid resources to fit your needs. Financial limitations shouldn't hinder a mother's steps towards healing, Explore our free resources today and begin your healing journey. From a dedicated facebook group, audio meditations and helpful articles we are here for you. 

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Learn about more mothers of the Bible in The All Mother's Grief Deck & Guide Book includes all 62 carefully crafted prayers for mothers working through

child loss.


No matter where you are in your journey or your faith, this invaluable resource will help you find balance that exists between grief and joy using the

Innergy Pathway.  

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