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The path towards healing requires but a single step forward.  

Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss

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God Restore Me


God,illuminate what I cannot see. Help me shift my eyes, heart, and mind. Infuse me with strength. God, encourage me in my motherhood journey so that I can walk the path that is in front of me. Foster my spirit to allow for your peace to permeate throughout my body.

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Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss
Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss
Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss
Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss

About This Prayer

How To Use This


The Mother prayer addresses our whole being.  When we cannot recognize, renew, reinforce, or reaffirm ourselves, the Mother prayer is our compass to return and guide us back to Joy.  When the emotions and triggers in our lives are overwhelming begin here.

Prayer Summary

We as beings are made up of three parts: mind, body, and spirit.  Nurturing each of these areas are essential.  When our mind, body, and spirit are fostered, our peaceful being begins to find a permanent residence within our souls regardless of the Grief State we are in. Acknowledging and cultivating these areas allows us to recognize when those triggers that cause an emotional shift are present.  We are able to transform the emotions quicker and easier when all three are in balance.  This work is not easy. It is through recognizing and shifting that we begin to transform. 

God's Message

Mary of Nazareth, whom we are connected to through motherhood, undoubtedly was completely overcome with grief as her son, Jesus was crucified and ultimately died on the cross in John 19:25-27.  Mary undoubtedly called to God in those moments and she trusted in Him as is illustrated in Acts 1:14-15 and Acts 2: 1-4 where she prayed with the disciples and got baptized, as she too believed in God’s word.  Trust that God will work through this prayer to carefully restore you, whether your mind, body, and spirit are capable of carrying you in this moment.  Do not be afraid of the hard.  It is through the hard that we evolve into joyful beings. 

In A Mothers Words 

When I am taken over by a Grief State, I use the Mother prayer to restore peace within myself and return to Joy.  I also use the wisdom that a friend shared with me that she learned through her walk of loss. The first Christmas after the loss of our son Ryan, I called her one night when I was in complete despair.  I did not know how I was going to continue to go on.  The words she shared with me that night, after she listened to the agony of my heart and soul, changed the way and the amount that I allowed triggers.  She had learned she had to limit her exposures and now, so did I.  By the grace of God  I knew who I needed to call that night.  It was through her words that spurred the journey to the prayers I am sharing with you.  Her words illuminated the fact that I can not let the triggers control me, repositioned my thoughts to recognize how I had gotten to where I was, strengthened me in the words she shared, and encouraged me through the hope that she had also been where I was and had withstood the battle and had wisdom to share with me. 

Your Work

Sometimes we are unable to control the emotional triggers or distance ourselves from them. Knowing this, we must honor and shield ourselves by identifying and limiting them. What can you ask God to shine a light on, shift, strengthen, or encourage for you?

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The Innergy Model

The Innergy Model was created because Grief is not linear. A thoughtful and helpful tool, the model explains how to transform Grief and integrate the duality of Grief and Joy through guided tools provided in The All Mothers resources with the four fundamental principles of Illumination, Repositioning, Strengthening, and Encouragement. 

All Mothers Grief Deck 

The All Mothers Grief Deck is a thoughtful prayer support resource that provides hope and a guided path through the pain and sorrow of child loss. Even though we grieve differently, the prayer deck is a guide that speaks to each grieving mother's heart. Available for delivery by 

Mother's Day. 

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