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The All Mothers Grief Deck 

A mother's moment to moment spiritual support through loss. 

Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss

About This 

The All Mothers Grief Deck is a thoughtful prayer support resource. Even though we grieve differently, the prayer deck is a guide that speaks to each grieving mother's heart. The All Mothers Grief Deck is a resource created from the heart of Kim Molzahn and her child loss journey. Each prayer provides a beacon of hope for other mothers who find themselves in the depths of grief, seeking solace and support. This comprehensive deck encompasses 62 meticulously crafted prayer cards, each addressing Triggers, Emotions, and other aspects of the Grief journey. It is accompanied by a guidebook that breaks down the prayers and offers practical application and reflection through biblical accounts, Mother Mary's journey and other mothers of the Bible, and Kim's personal story.

This deck teaches a powerful method of healing that embraces the duality of Grief and Peace. It empowers you to rediscover your voice and find new moments of Peace and Joy. Instead of being taken over by Grief or disassociating from one's Grief completely, this method teaches that by illuminating your blind spots, changing your perspective, strengthening your spirit, and encouraging you to move forward you can rediscover your voice. In doing so, empowering you to live a life where new moments of PeaceGratitude and ultimately Joy can still exist.

With This Prayer Deck You

Will Be Able To:

Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss

Work through and transform negative emotions caused by triggers as they arise.

Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss

Learn to celebrate and express gratitude for the life lived and the life you still have.

Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss

Learn to flow from states of grief to a peaceful state. 

Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss

Receive support from fellow mothers who have also lost
a child. 

Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss

Learn to reclaim your voice and be more present in your everyday life.

Kim Molzahn - Mother Child Loss

Discover new paths that bring hope and joy into your life and connect to your child in new ways.

What Is Included

Work through and transform negative emotions caused by triggers as they arise.​

Every All Mother's Grief Deck Bundle includes: 

  • 62 Carefully Crafted Prayer Cards with box

  • Companion Guide Book

  • Storage Pouch

  • Wood Card Holder


Daily Support & Guidance

Start Your Innergy Prayer
Practice Today

Dedicate  Your Deck

Dedicate your deck to demonstrate your commitment and honor towards yourself and your child. This act is a turning point, leading you on a faith-driven journey forward. Remember, the deck is your guide through tough times, helping you find your path. Share your dedication with our online community when ready, and join us in a space of shared love and support.

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